Izzet Control

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Commander (1)

1x The Locust God

Land (36)

1x Arid Mesa
1x Bloodstained Mire
1x Flooded Strand
16x Island
1x Maze of Ith
1x Misty Rainforest
9x Mountain
1x Polluted Delta
1x Scalding Tarn
1x Steam Vents
1x Reliquary Tower
1x Thespian's Stage
1x Volcanic Island

Instant (19)

1x AEtherize
1x Aethersnatch
1x AEtherspouts
1x Brainstorm
1x Commandeer
1x Counterspell
1x Cunning Wish
1x Cyclonic Rift
1x Disallow
1x Fact or Fiction
1x Force of Will
1x Gather Specimens
1x Mana Drain
1x Misdirection
1x Polymorphist's Jest
1x Reins of Power
1x Stroke of Genius
1x Summary Dismissal
1x Time Stop

Creature (14)

1x Clever Impersonator
1x Dack's Duplicate
1x Ixidron
1x Kederekt Leviathan
1x Keranos, God of Storms
1x Phyrexian Metamorph
1x Spellskite
1x Stormtide Leviathan
1x Stunt Double
1x Thada Adel, Acquisitor
1x Thing in the Ice
1x Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre
1x Vizier of Many Faces
1x Voidmage Husher

Enchantment (11)

1x Control Magic
1x Corrupted Conscience
1x Counterbalance
1x Mind Control
1x Mind's Dilation
1x Propaganda
1x Repercussion
1x Rhystic Study
1x Soothsaying
1x Take Possession
1x Treachery

Sorcery (8)

1x Blasphemous Act
1x Blatant Thievery
1x Chain Reaction
1x Curse of the Swine
1x Insurrection
1x Mob Rule
1x Ponder
1x Vandalblast

Artifact (11)

1x Coldsteel Heart
1x Commander's Sphere
1x Darksteel Ingot
1x Manalith
1x Mimic Vat
1x Mind Stone
1x Mirage Mirror
1x Pristine Talisman
1x Sensei's Divining Top
1x Sol Ring
1x Thought Vessel

Wish Sideboard (10)

1x Brand
1x Capsize
1x Commit / Memory
1x Counterflux
1x Evacuation
1x Mystical Tutor
1x Psychic Spiral
1x Red Elemental Blast
1x Stifle
1x Unsummon

A tempo / control deck. Take control of or copy the biggest threats on the board. Use counterspells to mitigate threats and prevent yourself from losing the game. Manage the boardstate with cards like Cyclonic Rift, AEtherspouts, and Ixidron. Use the 1/1 haste insects from The Locust God strategically to chump block or to chip away at enemy life totals and Planeswalker loyalties. Remember that Polymorphist's Jest can be used to get around indestructible hexproof creatures and can be cast during combat.

Take advantage of using Counterbalance, Sensei's Divining Top, Soothsaying, Ponder and Brainstorm. Remember to save your fetch lands so you can shuffle your deck as needed.

Win the game by holding a counterspell and casting something like: Insurrection, Reins of Power, Mob Rule, or Blasphemous Act / Chain Reaction + Repercussion. If all else fails or the game starts to stall out just draw as many cards as you can and attack with 1/1 haste insects from The Locust God.

Don't forget you can cast Time Stop in response to a spell, during an opponent's upkeep, or even during the combat phase to end the turn. Use Cunning Wish to access the wish sideboard in case of emergency. If you get Thada Adel, Acquisitor out early the play is usually to attack and cast a mana rock from the opponent's deck.

Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre is included primarily to avoid getting milled to death and can be replaced with something like Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius if your playgroup isn't running any mill effects.