Using HTML Tags to Build Video Games

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Mantra.js is currently in active Alpha development. I am confident that I have solved the domain problem of building massively multiplayer video games up to the level of Nintendo 64 quality graphics.


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Here is the HTML code to make video games

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Using Mantra's Markup is a great way to build levels and scenes with high-level primitives. Don't get stuck in Markup land thou, you may want to write actual code. I am an enjoyer of Mantra's fluent builder API.

Fluent Javascript Builder

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We can top this off with fluent Sutra.js rules for extra flavor.

Event Mappings

DOM Events, Pointer Events, Touch Events, Mouse Events, Keyboard Events, Drag Events, Drop Events, all events. Mantra has event mappings for every event we can imagine including: Entity Lifecycle, Game Lifecycle, and Collisions.

All these events are available through the Builder API or Mantra Markup.

Here is an example of using Mantra Markup to provide custom collision event

Styling / Layout / Flexing

Mantra entities are styled through a union of CSS rules, enabling standard CSS stylesheets to be integrated with game styles. Today, we have support for basic CSS properties; and are actively working towards integrating Flexing and more advanced CSS grid layouts to map to our existing layout systems.


Everything in Mantra is a plugin.

Video Game HTML with Mantra Markup Plugin

Mantra Markup.js Plugin powers the Video Game HTML Markup.

Mantra Markup Examples has the full API examples for Markup Plugin


Nothing is impossible. If we have words for it, we can create it. You've made it this far, congrats. When I read that developers built video games using React, I thought, "Great. Let's combine one of the most difficult problems in computer science with one of the worst, most over-engineered software tools ever created." Indeed, it will result in wasted person-hours and unimprovable performance.

Reading the complete Mantra.js Alpha code base today may be considered a mild cognito hazard for most developers. With confidence, we have a domain-solving architecture where each system and sub-system are designed for peak performance, minimal CPU cycles, and optimal time complexity. We have accounted for every aspect of the domain, and as our unit test coverage increases, our solution becomes more robust.

If you see something, say something.

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I am not proud to say it's a Herculean amount of work to take on, and I preferred the universe better where Tmolus and Telegonus worked together.

Be excellent to each other.